Options and Resources to Fund Open Access Publication

Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science (BP:GOS) is a gold open access journal and charges a fee to authors upon acceptance of a full-length article for publication. The open access fee (also called an article processing charge, or APC) for BP:GOS is $3200 (US dollars).  

Following acceptance of an article for publication, our publisher Elsevier will send a Rights and Access form to the corresponding author. This online form will collect information that may reduce the APC (see below) and will also provide options for payment. Note that payment is not collected or managed directly by the Journal’s editorial office.  

There is no fee to submit an article to BP:GOS

Research4Life Developing Countries Waiver or Discount

BP:GOS supports the Research4Life global program, which aims to foster a strong and independent research community in the developing world and reduce the knowledge gap between developing and industrialized countries. 

Authors working in an eligible developing country will receive either a fee waiver or discount, depending on the location. The country list is available at: https://www.research4life.org/access/eligibility/. Authors do not need to request the waiver or discount or obtain any pre-approvals. The discount or waiver will be applied automatically as part of completing the Rights and Access forms sent after acceptance.

SOBP Member Discount

If any author is a current member of the Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP), the paper is eligible for a 20% SOBP member discount. It does not have to be the corresponding or senior author. Membership information will need to be provided when completing the Rights and Access form. The author’s membership will be verified by the SOBP office and the invoice then updated accordingly.

SOBP Early Career Waiver Program

The Society of Biological Psychiatry (SOBP) has developed a waiver program for its early-career members, which provide either full or partial discounts of the APC. To be eligible, an author must be an SOBP member and meet one of the SOBP definitions of “early career”. These definitions are either 1) in a tenure-track position but not yet tenured, or 2) in a non-tenure-track position but within 10 years of starting. Authors who believe they may be eligible should contact the editorial office at [email protected]. Waivers are limited and so availability is not guaranteed, even if eligible. If granted, a code will be supplied to the corresponding author to enter while completing the Rights and Access form.

Editor Waivers

The journal editor has a very limited number of waivers available to grant to authors who have no avenues through which to pay the APC and are not eligible for other discounts or waivers. These waivers are extremely limited. Authors may contact the editorial office at [email protected] to inquire, or may submit a waiver request directly through the online submission system when submitting a paper. If a waiver is granted, a code will be supplied to the corresponding author to enter while completing the Rights and Access form.

Grant Funding

Some grants permit the use of funds to pay APCs. Authors should refer to the terms of the specific grant and/or check with their institution.

Institutional Policies

Many authors work at institutions that have established open access policies and negotiated agreements with Elsevier. Details on such agreements with Elsevier are available at: https://www.elsevier.com/open-access/agreements. Authors are also advised to consult with their institution directly.

Funder Policies

Many authors must comply with funder open access policies. Our publisher, Elsevier, has established arrangements with multiple funding bodies to help authors comply with such requirements. Details are available at: https://www.elsevier.com/open-access/funding-arrangements. Authors are also advised to consult their specific funding agreement to ensure compliance.

Payment Options

The APC may be paid via credit card or by invoice. Additional information about these payment options and how to select them on the Rights and Access form are available at: https://service.elsevier.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5998/supporthub/publishing/~/how-can-i-pay-my-gold-open-access-fee%3F/

Additional Information About Publishing Open Access in BP:GOS